Culture & Food

By Tara O'Carroll

I am mesmerized by the lifestyle over here. From my experience, I would say that the people are extremely warm, kind and happy. In our introductory workshop one of the poignant moments that I recall was asking the students their favourite things to do, and a common recurring theme was ' I like to smile, and see other people smiling', and I think that this sums up quite well the type of exceptional students we are lucky to be working with. As it stands, we are working with over 50 students who are all eager to learn. These students have the cultural insight and the local flare that is needed to solve the project for our client. Our role is to facilitate and mentor the students over these weeks to achieve the goals of the project.

Food here is delicious. Here in some of the pictures below you can see some of the local food we have been eating, and all at a reasonable price! The weather has been rather pleasant over here and it made adjusting to the climate that bit easier. On average the weather is 22 degrees and darkness comes down at 7 in the evening so you would notice that the people here tend to get up early and sleep earlier too.