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Member Spotlight: David McDonald

ISCG Member Spotlights interview with David McDonald, President ISCG 2017


Tell us about yourself. What college are you attending and what do you study?

I am attending University College Dublin and I am currently in my third year of Economics & Finance.

What interested you in joining ISCG?

I was interested in working on projects with clients in many different industries, on different issues and working with students from a diverse range of courses. I felt that this would present a fantastic learning opportunity.

How have you found balancing ISCG projects with your studies?

Very manageable. I have found that since the very first project I worked on as a consultant, there has always been a very structured approach to the problem solving process within ISCG. This makes time spent on projects much more efficient and reduces work loads.

What is your favourite thing about ISCG ?

My favourite thing about ISCG is that it has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many fantastic people. I have worked with many different students from a host of different backgrounds and courses. I find it really interesting working on a team where each individual can bring their own experiences to the team to help solve a client problem.

What are your career ambitions after completing your degree?

My ambition for a future career is to be able to go to work each day knowing that I have an exciting and challenging day ahead of me. To be able to work in a team environment is also very appealing to me. I am certain that the skills that I have picked up whilst working with ISCG will be invaluable to me in any future role I find myself in.

What do you think is the future of ISCG?

One aspect of ISCG which I think is very important going forward is Project Seed. The fact that ISCG was able to help set up the Tanzanian Student Consulting Group as a sister branch in Africa last year is really exciting. I look forward to working on Project Seed in the future.

Would you recommend your peers and classmates to consider joining ISCG as a consultant?

Definitely. We are always looking for new members at ISCG and working on real world client projects provides the chance to develop skills which may not be learned through academic studies.

Alumni Spotlight: Conor Joyce

ISCG Alumni Spotlights interview with Conor Joyce, Debt Restructuring Associate @ KPMG

Conor Joyce.jpg

Tell us about yourself. Where did you go to college and what did you study? 

I am a Mayo man from Westport and ventured across to start in Trinity in 2012. I studied BESS, which gave me quite a broad course in first year. Luckily it also gave me a bit of time to ‘settle’ into Dublin in the early years. 

In third year, I was lucky enough to get a place to study on exchange in Babson College, Boston, for the academic year. Voted best entrepreneurial college in the world, Babson provided a welcome contrast to Trinity’s way of teaching. The different teaching methods and academic system in Babson, one of which was highly multicultural, was a fantastic and eye-opening experience.

I returned for final year focusing my studies on Business and Economics finishing with a joint honours degree in 2016.

 What have you been doing since you left college and your time at ISCG? 

With the realisation that my last summer of freedom was upon me, I decided to use my summer months as an opportunity to travel, see some of the world and have a final bit of craic! I worked part time after finishing in May before flying into Panama City to travel all through Central America for two months. At the end of this month, I will start my graduate role with KPMG in restructuring.

Did ISCG come up in any of your interviews? 

Definitely!  ISCG applied to the majority of my competency based questions during interviews. Working for ISCG on a project with a small team builds so many key skills that employers are looking for.

Interviewers always ask about ISCG as they're genuinely interested in what it is. Sometimes, being a member of certain groups seems to apply to every other TCD graduate going for your desired role. ISCG created a distinct difference. This led to employers being more interested in the ISCG. They were impressed by the goal to transform third level education by promoting more practical based learning.

What’s the most beneficial thing you learned/experienced during your time with ISCG? 

Communication skills, working to a deadline and an ability to work as part of a team are crucial to all graduate roles. Personally, the ISCG project really enabled me to appreciate the importance of efficiency and goal setting within a team.

Although a straightforward lesson, it was amazing to witness the importance of having a clear goal and target associated with every meeting. Sticking to a clear structure within an overall plan made it easier for all members to work together, increased motivation and cut out time wasting which can lead to frustration.


Working on a project with a small team builds so many key skills that employers are looking for.


The ISCG project allowed our team to develop a wide array of skills applicable in a workplace. As project leader, I improved a lot of my organisational and communication skills that enabled us to coordinate our team's work towards our final deliverable. Project management is definitely a tool that will stand to me in the future.


Without doubt! Co-Curricular activities in college allow you to broaden your skillset and social network across the college. ISCG provides these benefits while also giving you a practical insight into a career in consulting. One of the biggest mistakes in college is that one has a lack of time to take part in co-curricular activities.

My advice would be to apply, time can always be found when you need to. ISCG will help you grow, give you the opportunity to work alongside an Irish company and broaden your professional network. It also gives you opportunities to improve your communication skills, a skill that will be vital across any discipline.


ISCG has equipped me with memorable experiences in helping launch TCD’s first team and project. New experiences associated with interviewing and building a team will stand to me in the future. The group allowed me to meet a wide spectrum of like-minded students from different academic courses while also engaging directly with the CEO of a multi-national start-up on a weekly basis.


Although at times it proved stressful and a difficult task, l, I enjoyed being in regular contact with the CEO of the company we were working with. Trying to contact her was a difficult task amongst the madness of her schedule. When I did, she generally gave me a snippet of what she had been up to and her upcoming schedule. I enjoyed the insights into the life of someone growing their company.

Without having direct experience in consulting, I also enjoyed learning and coming to grips with different terms from the industry.


I am about to start a three-year training contract in debt restructuring with KPMG and will sit my accounting exams during that time. Hopefully, the work and exams will reward me with a technical skill and an insight into the business world in Ireland. I have always had an inclination to travel so who knows where I will end up in the future!

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