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Sales & Marketing

Human Resources



We investigate your most pressing business concerns and give you clarity.

Do you need to better understand trends in your market or industry?  Are you looking to better understand the needs and preferences of your target market?  Do you want to become more aware of your competitors?  Are you considering launching a new product or entering a new market?

Powered by our access to in-depth academic and industry reporting and databases, our research allows us to provide information and insights to our clients not readily accessible to many organisations across all lines of business.  We investigate areas from market feasibility and brand perceptions to demand forecasting and more...

Our research-driven projects provide valuable insights for our clients to inform your strategic decision-making, and provide answers for the questions you may not always be able to find.  Please get in touch to learn more about how our research projects can help benefit your business.



We analyse data to provide insights into your key challenges and opportunities.

Do you want to grow your data analysis capabilities but don’t quite know where to start?  Are you hesitant or unsure of the benefits of adopting data analysis practices in your business?  Do you need support in understanding how to collect and manage your data?  Are you struggling to identify the relevant metrics and key performance indicators which will make a difference to your organisation?

With the data-revolution truly in our midst, many businesses are struggling to understand and adopt effective data-driven approaches to their strategy.  Developments in technology have led to greater opportunities for all kinds of organisations to collect, manage and use their data to create stronger relationships with customers, improve productivity, reduce waste and drive cost efficiencies and more. 

Our multi-disciplinary team of consultants are naturals in numerical thinking and problem solving, introducing a unique perspective in looking at abstract data and manipulating it to discover high impact business insights.  Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help your company become more effective in your data and analytics capabilities.



We help you introduce tools & technology fitting to your business to improve processes.

Are you looking to upgrade your IT systems but uncertain which products are most relevant for your business?  Are you struggling to find tools who pricing/costs aligns with your budget?  Do you want to develop your digital competencies to better make use of the resources you already own?

Endless rapid developments in communications and information technology are changing the way people work together and do business around the world.  With that, organisations need to understand and adapt to trends in evolving enterprise and consumer-level technologies in order to effectively respond to shifts in market demand and customer decision-making, as well as ensuring effective internal operations and productivity.

Our teams of critical thinking and passionate technologists work to understand your explicit organisational needs, fitting to the strengths or your team and budget, in order to identify a number of technological opportunities and tools to help re-energise and grow your business.  Contact us to discover more about how we can help you better implement technology suitable to your organisation to grow your business.



We help you build sophisticated strategies for the future of your business.

Are you looking to better define the mission and vision of your organisation?  Do changes in your market or industry require you to evolve your business model?  Would you like to better understand your competitive market position?  Are you concerned by maturing/declining markets in your industry and how best to combat these factors?

All successful organisations throughout the world, large or small, have achieved success with one thing in common, the pursuit of a defined winning strategy.  Without effective organisational strategy, one simply cannot define what success will mean to an organisation.  In order to achieve success, businesses need to define and build their own unique strategy which will influence the organisation’s decision-making to best deliver a sustainable competitive advantage in their industry.

Our teams of consultants with diverse experience and understanding across multiple industry verticals, as well as a natural competitive instinct, work with our clients to help them to effectively define and deliver a winning strategy unique to their organisation.  To learn more about how we can help you build or develop your strategy throughout your organisation, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



We assess your operations to help create better performance and happier customers.

Do you need to better understand your customer experience process step by step?  Do you want to reorganise your teams or departments to drive greater collaboration and efficiency?  Has your organisation’s growth led to a siloed dynamic and task duplication?  Are you looking to speed up your supply chain or improve customer satisfaction?

Often referred to as the ‘engine room’ of many companies, the effectiveness of back-end and internal operations is key to the success of every organisation, and without an effective, organised and ‘well-oiled’ machine, the activities of every company may ultimately result in cost inefficiencies and unhappy customers.

Our consultants help our clients understand their internal operations and processes end-to-end, effectively identifying opportunities for optimising performance and building lean organisational ‘engine rooms’ which are fast, agile and efficient.  Contact us now to learn more about how we can help your business improve its internal and client-facing operations.

Marketing & Sales


We help align your marketing & sales funnels to drive optimal revenue for your business.

Are you looking to develop your marketing and brand strategy?  Do you need to better integrate your sales and marketing pipelines?  Do you want to develop your customer personae and relationships?  Are you uncertain how to attribute your marketing initiatives to bottom-line revenue and measure performance?

Of all activities an organisation performs, sales & marketing are typically the only activities which directly drive bottom line revenue.  For businesses and non-profits to survive, the organisation needs to generate revenue to support their activities, and this is best-achieved through a complete alignment between the sales and marketing teams within an organisation.  Without effective alignment and handover of customer relationships from marketing to sales, this can lead to negative brand image and disjointed customer experiences.

Developments in digital technology have also revolutionised the way many companies market and sell their products/services; increasing the number of potential customer touchpoints through online and offline channels, and driving far more informed consumers and buyers of overall market offerings.  This means businesses need to understand how to effectively reach, engage, inform, educate and educate their target market about their product to effectively drives sales revenue.

Our consultants adopt a highly collaborative approach to ensure integration and alignment between marketing and sales teams, streamlining each step of the marketing funnel and sales pipeline, and provide valuable insights and fresh ideas on how to optimally discover, reach and communicate with new and existing customer leads and prospects.  Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you build the ultimate sales & marketing engine for your company!

Human Resources


We help you identify talent and create org structures to optimise your teams’ performance.

Are you looking to better understand and measure your employees’ performance?  Do you need to discover new talents and source new skills and competencies?  Are you struggling to define or develop your organisational culture?

The strongest asset of any company?  People.  Without the right people, businesses and non-profit organisations would never be able to achieve their goals.  As a result, ensuring companies implement the right culture and strategies for motivating and rewarding their employees, as well as creating a safe and attractive working environment, is paramount to an organisation’s success.

We work with our clients to understand the key skills and activities required by your teams and help your build organisational structures and HR processes to best attract, motivate and develop the right set or people, with the right skills, at the right time for your business.  Get in touch now to further understand how we can help you re-energise your people and organisation with a fresh perspective.