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Work With A Great Team

Be part of a team of leading Irish students and high performers from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds in both academia and industry experience.

Kickstart Your Professional Network

Kickstart Your Professional Network

Expand your professional network through peers, alumni and client networks and create valuable business relationships, leading to valuable opportunities in the early stages of your career.

Gain Valuable Experience

Gain Valuable Business Experience

ISCG client projects provide the opportunity for our consultants to obtain obtain valuable business experience and direct insights into client businesses across multiple industries.


Grow Your Skills!

Grow Your Skills & Knowledge

Develop a consulting skill set which lends itself to aspects of any future career from science and medicine to law and business.


Enhance Your Professional Brand

Build your professional brand to include ISCG activities, showcasing your skills to potential employers and gaining an edge in graduate applications and open further career opportunities after you finish college.

Enhance Your Professional Brand

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Developing MEMBER

As a Developing Member you will be invited to Training Workshops and receive Educational Emails.

  • Training Workshops will cover six core areas of consulting including; Introduction to Consulting & ISCG, Client Projects, Problem Solving, Research & Analysis, and Communication & Teamwork.

  • Educational Emails will cover a broad range of topics from consulting principles to career advice.


After assessing your involvement as a Member we will try to match you to a Client Project where you will become a Consultant and work with a team of other students to complete a project for a business or non-profit.

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A consulting member must apply below to be concidered for a client project. A developing member will still be invited to all events and recieve education emails, however will not be involved in a client project.
Mandatory if answered 'Consultant' above, Optional if answered 'Developing Member'
Mandatory if answered 'Consultant' above, Optional if answered 'Developing Member'
Any ideas or contacts you may have for a new client project.