Member Spotlight: David McDonald

ISCG Member Spotlights interview with David McDonald, President ISCG 2017


Tell us about yourself. What college are you attending and what do you study?

I am attending University College Dublin and I am currently in my third year of Economics & Finance.

What interested you in joining ISCG?

I was interested in working on projects with clients in many different industries, on different issues and working with students from a diverse range of courses. I felt that this would present a fantastic learning opportunity.

How have you found balancing ISCG projects with your studies?

Very manageable. I have found that since the very first project I worked on as a consultant, there has always been a very structured approach to the problem solving process within ISCG. This makes time spent on projects much more efficient and reduces work loads.

What is your favourite thing about ISCG ?

My favourite thing about ISCG is that it has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many fantastic people. I have worked with many different students from a host of different backgrounds and courses. I find it really interesting working on a team where each individual can bring their own experiences to the team to help solve a client problem.

What are your career ambitions after completing your degree?

My ambition for a future career is to be able to go to work each day knowing that I have an exciting and challenging day ahead of me. To be able to work in a team environment is also very appealing to me. I am certain that the skills that I have picked up whilst working with ISCG will be invaluable to me in any future role I find myself in.

What do you think is the future of ISCG?

One aspect of ISCG which I think is very important going forward is Project Seed. The fact that ISCG was able to help set up the Tanzanian Student Consulting Group as a sister branch in Africa last year is really exciting. I look forward to working on Project Seed in the future.

Would you recommend your peers and classmates to consider joining ISCG as a consultant?

Definitely. We are always looking for new members at ISCG and working on real world client projects provides the chance to develop skills which may not be learned through academic studies.